Fight Like A Girl!

Effective Self-Defence For Women & Girls (13+), with Wing Tsun Kung Fu.


Monday/Wednesday 1600
55-minute Class
*Classes start February 5, 2024



Wing Tsun Kung Fu, invented by a woman, to defend against a bigger, stronger, and faster opponent! 

Above is a video with a sample of what we teach, and the awesome female-led origin story of WT!

In our twice-weekly classes, you will learn the ingenious WT system-based self defence style, based not on static techniques, but rather on universal principles that apply to every self-defence scenario. Individual techniques take far too long to choose from when confronted with the speed of a violent encounter.

Wing Tsun teaches a universal solution that has to be experienced to truly understand.

We train in a fun-first, ego-free environment, designed to ensure the greatest progress in real-life self-defence skills.
Wing Tsun, while teaching devastatingly effective self-defence, puts the highest emphasis on de-escalation, and the self-awareness to avoid dangerous situations in the first place. A true martial art!


Regular classes begin again on Monday February 5th, and will run Mondays & Wednesdays 4-5pm, at DoStrength Gym, 4454 W 10th Ave. Join us anytime for a FREE trial class! 

Classes taught by Sifu Steve McMinn, a martial artist for 42 years, with 25 years of Wing Tsun experience.

We look forward to bringing back Wing Tsun to its female roots! This is one of our main missions at DoStrength, and we hope to encourage more women & girls to train in, and eventually teach, this amazing martial art!